backofficeThe goal of the Sigma Technology Department is to make our Registered Representatives the most productive and efficient in the industry.  By offering a high quality technology platform and knowledgeable staff, we will keep you updated on trends in the technological world including new software, security, prudent practices, and system maintenance and purchasing.

Technology offerings available to all representatives and their staff:

Sigma Financial Website:  Prospective reps, clients, and on-board reps can view the website by pointing their browser to   Once logged in, the Sigma website becomes the central portal for conducting daily business.  Automatic pass-through to systems like: Commission Data, Online Sale Submission, MoneyGuide Pro, Client Source, Morningstar CAM, and Email make remembering extra usernames and passwords a thing of the past.  The website is constantly updated, with an abundance of industry specific news and links to the latest events in an effort to keep you well-informed of the latest happenings.

SigmaRep Email:  Upon joining Sigma, representatives are provided an email account.  Representatives can access this email account using webmail, via mobile, and/or through an email client – like Microsoft Outlook.  Utilizing your SigmaRep Email account is an important tool that is used to keep you in close contact with their clients, the home office, all while maintaining FINRA compliance.

Hosted Exchange:  Many of our representatives promote their businesses by developing a branded website.  If your one of these representatives, odds are good that you’re using an email addresses with the same domain.  Sigma Financial will work with your domain registrar to reconfigure your email address to utilize our Hosted Exchange system.  Rerouting the mail allows you to remain in compliance and enables you to continue using your specific email addresses for all client correspondence.  Our Hosted Exchange platform provides a feature rich messaging platform for email, calendar, and contact management.    We keep you productive in the office and on the road with synchronized messages, appointments, and contact records using Outlook and various mobile devices (using ActiveSync).

Client Source—by Broadridge:  Client Source allows you to manage your office, clients, and consolidate client statements with a great lineup of client management features. Features include Online Document Storage, contact management, and task management functions (calendars, tasks, letters), Consolidated Client Statements are automatically kept up to date, using data from National Financial, DST, and DAZL.  Client Source also integrates with Laserapp, Morningstar Principia Pro/Adv. Workstation, and Moneyguide Pro, making transferring data between systems a snap.

Morningstar CAM:   CAM allows you to manage your office, clients, and consolidated client statements like never before.  CAM brings together consolidated account statements with the look and feel of Morningstar’s reports. Account information is downloaded daily into the CAM tool, so reports are easily updated and quickly available for review.

Technology Support:  Our Technology staff consistently receives high marks from our representatives.  Our representatives can easily contact the support team via, telephone, email or through the website – an online system we’ve titled, “Live Support”.  Live Support grants technicians the ability to run diagnostics, send instant messages, and even remote control your computer (with permission, of course).  This service limits the need for travel and lessens the time spent explaining the issues and/or resolutions to everyday computer issues.   Simply put, you can conduct business and leave the technology needs and troubleshooting to us.

LaserApp Software:  LaserApp uses your Broker Dealer, Rep, and Client data pulled directly from your contact management system to fill your Sigma Financial forms, Clearing Firm forms, Securities forms, Annuity forms, Insurance forms and other various financial forms.  LaserApp keeps forms online and up to date, so hunting around product websites for the latest form is no longer a task worth caring about.

Computer Security:  Our technicians are savvy on computer security and can help you safeguard your client data and keep your computers running at peak performance. Technicians are armed with the latest tools to combat malicious items like viruses, spyware, and browser hijackers.  We have scans that can determine the security state of your workstations and you’ll be provided with guidelines for performing weekly and monthly tasks to help ensure that your computer is safe, and your client data is protected.

Software Training:  We offer computer software training for you and/or any assistants working in your office.  This training covers Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook as well as other programs that you use on a daily basis.  Using remote software, a trainer can be on your computer and on the phone conducting classes for a group or an individual in your office.  Free software documentation is available on the website for each course offered.  Don’t waste your time teaching staff new technology, leave the training to us.


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