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Building Relationships: Kindness Goes a Long Way

By Jennifer Bacarella, Executive Management, Director of Firm Development   Kindness goes a long way. In fact, kindness defines every part of a relationship. Some believe that only those relationships built during great times are the ones that grow into amazing, spirited, positive partnerships. However, some of the best relationships I’ve ever built came during what I...
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An Editor’s Musings on Usage and Style

By Ken White, Editor / Writer   I have always enjoyed English, but freely admit the language can be confounding. Certain mistakes drive me crazy, though. Writers and editors serve our readers by taking the appropriate time to create clear, concise, accurate messages rather than rushing them to the page or screen and out into the world....
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Ten Fallacies about Identity Theft and Cybersecurity

By:  Frank R. Mitchell, CITRMS According to the Privacy Rights Clearing House, approximately 10 billion records have been lost or stolen from businesses, schools, government agencies, and non-profit organizations since January 2005. Is your financial practice at risk? This is a case of “what you don’t know can hurt you.” Here are TEN fallacies about identity theft...
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My Summer at Sigma and Parkland

Final Blog by intern Sabrina Lieberman I’ll be honest – when I first walked into Sigma Financial and Parkland Securities on a snowy January afternoon, I barely knew what a broker-dealer did. As a college student, my financial priorities are rent, groceries, and loans—not a 401(k) or a Roth IRA. However, over the last few months,...
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